How to Double Your Sales Within 3 Months [Platform]

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Scale the Business

Imagine there was a platform where you could list your products and millions of people could view them and purchase them. And then you didn’t even need to ship them or deal with couriers, or even store the item! And then imagine that you didn’t even have to pay a high fee for this service!

Amazon FBAI’m of course talking about Amazon FBA. They are the biggest (ever) ecom store, and if utilised correctly, you can actually make an entire business out of solely selling products through their platform. Now this method takes a little longer, so today I’m going to seriously explain how to double your sales utilising the traffic Amazon gets. 2 thirds of people now go straight to Amazon to purchase something! That’s over half of consumer traffic that you are missing out on if you aren’t properly optimised or are not even on Amazon at all. Below is the basic process on how you can do this.

The ProcessThe Process

Marketing on Amazon is a process. I’m not going to say you need a great product and brand as you already know this as its business 101. Instead I’m going to talk about the process I use. There are so many cut corners here that its scary but the funny thing is it works and very fast too!

Step 1: Products and FBA – I decided to utilise Amazon FBA but if you hare a warehouse that is set-up perfectly to deal with larger individual orders then I’d say you can just sign up to a normal Amazon seller account. But for me my product was suited to FBA. You need to send your products to Amazon and then you can start with the next stages.

Step 2: Listings – Now I’m too lazy to do this so I just hired an amazon seo consultant to do it all for me. They did it perfectly and took about 2 days. That’s a lot quicker than it would have taken me to learn it all and then implement it into the listings. Also its better than me anyway. Remember to outsource what you can’t do very well!

Scale the BusinessStep 3: PPC, Reviews and Sales – Amazon is based on sales. The products that sell the most will rank at the time. So we need to get to the top by selling the most and then we will sell the most by being at the top…. Make sense? Yes! Again I’m too lazy to do all this so I hired the guy I mentioned above to do this and within 3 months we were making 15 sales a day which was as much we made through the Ecom website! That is crazy to think about really. Doubling sales, we only paid this guy $3,000 and he made us $3000 a week in return, would highly recommend the services.

Step 4: Scale + Add more items – This is the obvious point for the smart business owner. Once you have a process that works you need to scale them. I mean you need to seriously reinvest all the profit into building the amazon business as big as possible. And just keep going until you run out of products or items to promote! And then you can sell it all for 10 million and live happily ever after!

The Best Technology Businesses of 2016

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Technology now is vast growing and it is plainly showing on what we have right now. There are computers, gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and other different high-tech devices that we possess now which is part of the technology. Aside from those there are also jobs and businesses that are included. The technology businesses are one of the most important parts of the business industry today because it also gives job to every people. Apart from the technology that it provides there are many opportunities that it can also open so it is important that we become familiar with these technology businesses.

Here are the best technology businesses of 2016:

SEO ImageSEO Reselling

SEO Reselling can be one of the most popular technology businesses since it can provide continuous jobs to those who want to be involved in the search engine optimization or SEO industry. SEO is making individuals, companies or businesses to be on top of the search engine’s ranking list. SEO specialists are the ones who will be doing the job to ensure that the clients they are working with will be able to reach their target audience. There are strategies to be used and monitoring that will be done by the SEO specialist to ensure that their clients are on top of search results.


E-Commerce is a popular business as well and you can start it in your own home or with your business partners. You just need to have a website that has shopping cart feature and products that surely people are going to buy. To have a successful e-commerce business, optimizing the website can be helpful in finding more customers. You can do SEO on your own or you can outsource it. SEO would be the best way to reach the people you are looking for, for your business.

supercar hire LondonGraphic Design Services

Graphic design services are business that is offering business and website logo design, brochure layout, corporate branding and other different design services. You must also have a website providing your works there like a portfolio and published testimonials (with customer’s permission) from customers. There are many businesses or companies that needed graphic design services to fulfil and complete the looks of their business.

Web Development

HTMLSimilar to SEO Reselling or services, Web Development is a great service as well. This is handling a new and existing website already and making it more sophisticated. You may also include SEO on the makeover or making of the new website. The colours, designs or layouts are those that are also important in web development. There would be also other applications that are including in web development like HTML and other programming languages. This is a good technology business if you can have a team that is great in web development.

Those are the best technology businesses of 2016 that can play important part in the business world. Without the technology businesses there could be difficulty in reaching people in the world for the business. There could be no additional jobs as well when it comes to technology. So it is good to have the technology businesses in the business world.

My Favourite Technology Website Ever!

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Over the past few years I’ve been starting to get interested in the tech advances of the world. It’s been years in the making but there is a site called Techcrunch that I absolutely love and I’ll tell you why, from both a business and a personal point of view!


DronesTechcrunch is great for a number of reasons but from a personal reason I love it due to the extremely awesome consumer technology products you can see coming to market. This is purely from a consumer and “I want that” point of view. Although in the most cases these items will likely make your life easier and/or smooth. But usually speed is the key to tech success. Lets take drones for example, they aren’t anything that new in essence. But the application for them is huge! We can transport something from a friend, we can receive something that we order online, all within hours instead of days now.

Another advancement is the likes of Uber and Airbnb. These 2 companies became the single biggest in their industries within 5 years. Can you imagine how much effort and capital it would have taken to become the biggest hotel company in the world, or the biggest taxi company in the world if you didn’t think outside the box and just did it the old fashioned way? – You would be in a lot of debt and probably wouldn’t get very far in a short 5 year period either. But when you relate this to advancements in tech, and more specifically just re-framing a problem. Then you can create one of the best start-ups in the last 50 years! (Maybe with the exception of Tesla Motors.)


The next and probably more important reason I love tech blogs in general, and more importantly the ones that post first on the biggest tech advancements, is because it give me an advantage in my investments. Think about it this way. If a piece of tech can drastically improve a certain business, they are going to use it. But before they have announced they are going to use it, what would happen if you somehow knew they would make that switch. Let’s say something as obvious as a switch in the type of engines Ford used. And you knew from your up-t0-date tech knowledge that this would make engines more efficient and last longer…. This would drastically increase Ford’s shares and hence getting in early on this could make you a lot of money!

It’s really that simple. Those are the long term ways of making connections but you can also just make the short term ones too. For example if a company starts getting exposure for their new app or product through these tech blogs, investing in them early can be one of the best things you can do!

Building a Supercar Agency from a Corner Agency

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Aston Martins

In this article I’m going to relay what I learnt talking to one of the biggest supercar rental agencies in the UK. The owner has a good market share (I mean its not Google, but its very high in a non agency dominated industry.) He talked about how he built up his supercar agency and portfolio to well over 200 cars in as little as 5 years, with limited funding. He also discussed how creating micro-sites such as: works extra well, as people simply don’t like huge brands past a certain point. In some industries it works, such as the mobile phone / technololgy industry, but in our industry it just was “frowned upon” in a rather strange way.

Ferrari hireBelow is a direct quote from the interview which will make up the majority of this post, the points although in a very glamorous and expensive start-up business are very similar to any business, the idea of coming from a smaller agency that relied on walk-ins and moving to more of an online “place to go” approach, meant he exploded his sales and revenue. Below is the quote.

In 2002-2005 there was a real need for new cars, price wasn’t even that much of a factor, remember the hay-days or pre-recession Britain? Well I do well. Unfortunately I didn’t get started as early as I would have liked, 1999 that would have probably meant we would be around the 50 million mark now, and although I’m thankful for where we are, when the recession hit, it hit the upper class that could afford Ferrari’s and Aston’s a lot harder than most people expected and this meant sales pretty much halved in a day. Not good.

Luckily we started early enough to survive this and this is my first point, START AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Time helps build Momentum. As time goes on if you are truly invested in your business you will gain traction and things will start to snowball, if you can only work on your business an hour a day at the start whilst working a full time job, then that’s fine, that’s an extra “365 hours” this year, instead of saying “I’m too busy to start it this year.” I’ve seen this with so many people its actually painful. Successful people do not procrastinate!

We started about 12 months after having the initial idea, I wanted everything to be perfect… This is my next point, don’t bother with perfection especially at the start of your business. People spend hundreds of hours on a brand new website, let me tell you something…. NO ONE is going to see this for months if you aren’t going to advertise it or promote it straight after. Don’t just tick business boxes for the sake of business books and how-to-start-a-business-guides. That’s a quick way to failure.

Anyway once we were established, 4 years later the recession hit. If it was 2 years earlier we would be out of business! My third point, don’t worry if your business isn’t growing as fast as you like. You must grind on your business for 500 days. 5000 hours. You might only make £10,000 in this time, yes that is £2 an hour, but the assets you create in that time and the re-investments you’ve achieved means you might have built a HUGE business and the potential for a highly successful brand.

Finally I’d like to mention the 3rd stage of businesses. Generally businesses have 5 stages or levels. We are currently in the 3rd or maybe verging on the 4th stage of business. These are: Stage 1: Set-up. Stage 2: The Grind, anywhere from 6 months to 10 years. Stage 3: Growth and profit, initial profit and business growth. Stage 4: Scaling, most of your business issues come from how you are going to sustain or scale your business AKA it’s outgrown your team. Stage 5: Sell or Seal it. This is a term I use, this is where you either have to sell your business or seal the deal. 10 million a year isn’t bad, but 100 million is better and 1 billion is the target. If you think you can make a billion pounds in your business, then work on how to seal the deal. If you feel the market changing or you don’t feel passionate about what you are doing then sell the business. If you’ve created a sustainable business that generates you (the top level person) a 7 figure salary, then you should be looking forward to a 7 figure payday.

There is also a stage 6 when you have your 10 million that you can invest and life off, most people who do this also go into creating or taking an active investment role in new businesses. During these stages its fine to fall back but its never okay to give up. If you quit in stage 2, you never know how close you were to stage 3, and if you quit then all your hard work is done, Gone. Dead.

Powerful words. 

How to Grow Sales in A Boring Industry

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Generating sales in boring businesses

Generating sales in boring businessesIn 2009 I was involved a number of relatively boring businesses. BUT I absolutely loved it for 1 primary reason. Boring businesses make money. It’s a fact and when you think about it, it makes sense too. Would you rather be the owner of the newest, most raved about clothing company, or would you rather sell garage racking? Well that is why its so profitable, because less people want to be Mr Garage man, they’d rather try and be the next Ralph Lauren.

Growing Sales in these industries is quite difficult, you have a number of people looking at you, thinking what are you even doing in the industry! You can’t promote on social media, because well it wouldn’t work in your industry (And don’t waste time on the non-essential marketing elements.) Instead 100% of your focus should be on improving your business in 3 different ways, these are scaling, efficiency and sales growth. Today I’m going to share a story about my time in the garage shelving industry in the UK and what we did to improve sales!Boring businesses make money

The first method I’m going to talk about is showing up in Google, or search engine optimisation. This is the process of appearing high in the search engines when someone types in a certain keyword or product. This is the greatest and most profitable marketing method in 2016 and beyond. It’s the yellow pages for the internet age, and the best thing about it! You aren’t competing against hundreds of results, like you would have been in the yellow pages days. Instead you are looking at around 15-20 competitors (on page 1) that’s 10 organic results and the adverts from Google Adwords. This is an amazing way to get high quality prospects to your site! These people are already looking for what you are offering and as a result convert very highly.

The second method is to stop being so boring and get creative. Okay so you sell wooden planks or garage racking, something that’s a product that’s painfully boring, but you know people want! The key is to get creative, don’t just advertise in random places or magazines, that’s a quick way to lose a lot of money. Instead you want to really think outside the box. For example if I was a National (UK) supplier of wooden planks for buildings. I’d utilise my time and funds to create a video of how I built a house or a tree house with £100 worth of material and in 5 hours. This then has the opportunity to go viral as its actually interesting and cool. And when Dad’s see this and want to make one for their kids, well you just say come to our website and pick up a “tree house set” It’s £100 + Shipping. It’s really that simple. 

The final method is for the business owner who doesn’t have much time to invest into their creative sales generation, but they do have funds. This involves hiring a member of staff and contacting people who need what you are offering. Such as builders or contractors if we were sticking with our wooden planks example. You can also take this a step further and email them offers or free planks, get in front of your target audience without interrupting the masses through old school, ineffective advertising.

Marketing on a Budget – Poor Man Marketing Methods

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Social Media Marketing

When you first start a business chances are you don’t have a lot of funds. Even if you do their are a number of places that you don’t need to pay for great advertising and marketing. For example the owner of Facebook, didn’t pay a dime for marketing until he was well over a million! That’s not a bad rate of return! Nowadays the internet and industries find it difficult to reach their visitors for free (without paying for ads) but it really isn’t. Check out our ideas below for more info!

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

Social media has levelled the playing field from brands to small businesses. You can follow experts in these niches such as Gary Vaynerchuk, he talks about how even with zero budget you can start to generate sales through effective and personal following of the social networks. Specifically he talks about using the likes of Instagram and following hashtags to find people looking for what you are offering. It’s always good to load your account with a few followers before you start, this helps build trust and respect for your brand. You can do this manually or just buy UK instagram followers from places like Sixfortyone. The decision is based on budget and obviously how much time you have!

Business Forums & Directories

Utilise a high quality, busy uk business forum and add value to them. Always remember its better to have people come to you and ask you for help or questions than to be overly pushy or promotional and end up getting kicked out of the forum or banned all together. Here your primary aim should be to connect with people and not simply try to sell to them. I’ve met a number of great business contacts through these forums and best of all have even done work for individuals I have met, starting with some free work and now they are one of my largest clients! Remember don’t sell yourself, just let people come to you after you have displayed how knowledgeable you are.

Free advertising locations

There are hundreds of free advertising locations. Yell, Yelp, Thomson local, facebook, twitter, Googleplus are all obvious ones that people don’t usually consider, but I’d recommend thinking more outside the box. If you have people looking to find your business, why not just appear in front of them!! Although it might be expensive, hiring an SEO company can make this extremely easy and the value of the leads you receive are huge, with conversions being around 10% for every targeted user that reaches your site from the search engines! That’s a huge conversion rate in any business or niche!


Thanks for reading I hope you learnt a thing or two. Remember to share and come back for more whenever you want!!!

Appreciate your time.

Top 7 Business Branding Tips | Momentum WS

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Branding Tips

Branding TipsThe branding of your business goes far beyond the colours of your website and how your logo looks. Branding is now a full time job! With corporate agencies hiring huge branding divisions so everyone can promote the business as one, whether through social media, paid advertising, SEO, direct marketing or simply by talking to your friends.

It is said that the best marketing is done by the people you don’t pay to do it. This is because it comes across so natural and hence believable! This is seen all the time with people looking at Amazon reviews before deciding to purchase an Item. I know I wouldn’t purchase something that has a lot of negative reviews, would you?

Branding Tips – Brand Management 101


Create value through your brand. If you simply want to make money on a new project, don’t think about your company from your level. Imagine someone making the purchasing decision. Why should they choose you. The average consumer will choose the product they BELIEVE to give the most value to a particular individual. This is perceived value and not actual value, this is where marketing and advertising come into play, but if you can begin by promoting an immense amount of value, you are half way to a great new product launch!


Make your brand simple. If we take Apple or Mcdonalds or Nike, they all do more than 1 thing and I’m not saying your brand should be too specific or create only 1 type of product. But you need to keep your brand simple, so when an individual sees your colours of logo, they will instantly know, Oh this is apple, they are a tech company. This is Mdonalds, they sell fast food, this is Nike they create sports wear. You don’t see Nike launching a suit collecting do you? It might be valuable in the short term. But in the long term it would dilute the brand image and hence have a negative effect on the company.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.

Brands nowadays spend to much time looking for the next GREATEST PRODUCT EVER. When what they should be focusing on is delivering what people want, to them. This is one of the most profitable concepts in the world. Again looking at any fast food chain. People know its bad for them, but its fast and its cheap, so people will buy it. If you’re in the other end of the market, find out what the wealthier individuals want, and remember the growth concept of a business. A small loss in one year is worth the hit when you sell your business for 8 figures 5 years from now.


Design has been twisted in so many ways over the past 5 years, with the huge influx of companies being created and the enormous number of people creating websites, its easy for your site just to look the same. But, remember the purpose of your website is not for people to think “this looks cool”, it’s for someone to actually do something. Whether this is buy something, find a piece of information or get on a mailing list. We had this conversation with an old client, simplicity and understanding WHAT the function of his website was, led to an increase of approx 34% in sales. Which translates to close to £300,000 a year for him.


Gone are the days of Don Draper and co with their Whiskey and Cigars. Today people don’t buy because a company made a good advert, people buy from other people. But OBVIOUSLY we cannot sell to each customer individually, so where does this come into a multi million or billion dollar industry? Well it’s in the reviews. 90% of people shopping online will view photos of the product before viewing. The next metric down? Yep, it’s reviews! If a product or service is good on its own, then this section takes care of itself!

Be Memorable.

Where did you buy your last watch from? If you remember then its likely to be a brand. Don’t remember? And I bet you don’t really care about watches. The same is true about everything you buy. If you care about a product you will likely shop around, and if you’ve heard or seen a brand selling this product then you will 90% of the time end up in their location! Being memorable, doesn’t happen fast or come cheap, but it pays for itself in years to come!

Look to the Future

Be creative and look to the future, although this is 100% a generic motivational statement, it’s important to understand where your business is actually going. If you need to re-brand, then do it sooner rather than later. If you need to change markets, again, sooner is always better than being forced into action by a failing business or a changing trend in the market! Remember Yellow pages? They knew this, and now is the biggest online business directory in the world. Similar to how they were the biggest physical business directory.

Concepts change.

People do not.

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you’d like to share that would be greatly appreciated.

Top 8 Legal Business Tips

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Business Law UK

We’ve all been there (if you’ve been in business for longer than 2-3 years.) The phone call, or letter, the “cease and desist” letters and the empty but scary threats. What do you do?

Well in this article I’m hopefully going to layout some aspects to help you avoid these evil people and not get wrapped up in any legal issues on your way to being a successful business owner!

8 Tips to keep your business LEGALLY SAFE

  1. Start Early – Paying more for legal advice up-front will save you a lot more in the long run. This is the same for most business practices. But when it comes to keeping your business safe from the laws, then this really is the best way.
  2. Rock Solid Contracts – The most common issues occur when contracts are shaky. If you and your other parties know what the contract states, there will be no issues from either parties in regards to this. Well you are safe even if there are!
  3. Budgeting – If you do get into a legal battle with someone. Remember that legal fees themselves are crazy high! This means you will likely need 2 or even 3 times as much as you think. This is how many small businesses are killed. Cash flow is the biggest issue, so don’t get swallowed by monstrous legal fees before you’ve even started.
  4. Employees / Suppliers – Again with either suppliers or your workers you need strict legal contracts. Most of the time nowadays both parties believe they deserve part of your business if you fire them… Strange but true in many cases. Avoid this by having clauses in the contracts that prevent them from suing you if they miss 10 days of work… For example. Or if a supplier is 10 days late on delivering an order.
  5. Settle / Stay out of court – The costs once you go to court are extraordinary. 1000s spent daily on our extremely messed up legal system is definitely not the way for your business to be spending your cash flow. Stay out of court and settle, even if you are in the right.
  6. Protect Your I.P. – Intellectual property needs protecting. Generate trademarks and pattens for your services and products. This will allow you to target individuals who breach these and hopefully prevent anyone else from trying to do the same!
  7. Stay Up to Date with Business Law – Although I don’t expect any business owner to pass the bar. I do expect them to have a basic understanding of contracts and business law in general. The more you know the better you will be prepared. ALSO ignorance is not bliss! Meaning if you didn’t think or know someone could do something and they end up doing said action, then it’s not their fault, it’s yours!
  8. Avoid Vague Language – 90% of legal issues come from interruption errors that are escalated into full on battles. Avoid these misinterpretation early and you can avoid the legal battles all together!

Business Law UK


Just save yourself some time and get some professional legal services before its too late! A couple of hundred pounds spent now, can save you a few thousand later on! Although you might know the laws very well, you can never be too sure. Trademarks and copyrights are very confusing areas and its better to be safe than sorry!

SEO Techniques for Affiliate and Highly Competitive Markets

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Indentify the need

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with your internet marketing skills, without ever having to deal with clients or customers. It’s extremely beneficial when you’re targeting a small sector of a huge market. For example we (myself and 2 other partners) decided to set up a website teaching forex trading for beginners, obviously the forex markets are too competitive themselves and we knew quite a lot about this subject, so got started. We also utilised video marketing, promoting through Youtube.

Setting up an affiliate site is very difficult. You have to walk the line of: social, monetisation and content closely. There is no point having a website that gets 100,000 UV a month if you can’t monetise the traffic. You’re better off getting small traffic figures but making a slight profit every week. This is the angle we took and the main reason why we wanted to target Beginners over more advanced traders.

Indentify the needIdentify the need

Most people start trading in the forex markets because they want quick money. This is 100% the wrong attitude. Forex, although a lot more volatile than stocks, still needs to be a long term strategy. In any internet marketing affiliate site you are creating, ensure you are educating people and not just selling to them. If you gain their trust, you can probably add them to your email address, and then you have a viewer and listener for life! That’s a lot more valuable than simply trying to sell to someone once! Ensure you ask, survey and review your customers and individuals that decided to leave your site too. You can use sites like EmailMonster to capture leaving visitors and capture email addresses and leads too!

Run It Like a Proper Business

To many times I see SEOs and internet marketers setting up 3 or 4 affiliate sites at once. All in big niches too! Unless you have a team of staff and a pretty big budget this is not a good idea.

Start small and ensure you can grow. For example choose a brandable domain name and not a long tail keyword. This will let you optimise each page fully without becoming over optimised, as well as letting you have selling value at the end of the day.

Find good monetisation – Don’t just use adsense for your monetisation, ensure you find the best methods, this might be CPA, or an affiliate company.

Also on this note, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are looking to create a long term web property or an authority site, then you need to allow for long term change. Find other “back-up” offers you can use. And have a longer term plan. Maybe think about selling the site if you get to 100,000 UV a month? Or would you want to continue growing it? The choice is yours, just make sure you make it!

Supercars – Super Businesses?!

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Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBSAbout 6 months ago I met with a man named Adam. He owned a supercar rental agency that provides aston martin hire to individuals and corporate agencies. The majority of his clients were from the UK or London but he wanted to emphasis that he could ship these cars anywhere in the world. Especially European markets. He also wanted to improve the long term rental figures. Short term ones? All good. Lots of people hiring aston martins for wedding. But when it came to people looking for rentals over a week or a month. Nothing. I think he mentioned he had about 4 in the last 5-6 months. So we had a discussion that has lead to me writing this post!

Are Supercars really a super business?

My answer is…..Yes and no.

I know I never take a side, but the reasons might not be what you expect.

The Pros

You get to use the product. Always a bonus.

They are incredibly profitable. With daily rentals being around £300-500. And weekly up near £2,500!

It is an easy business model. You purchase the car, you lease the car to another individual. That is it. Obviously there is a lot of financials and marketing to be done in-between but that’s pretty much the same in any business.

The Cons

My main con is this: If I have £100,000 to invest. Would I invest it in setting up a business in supercar hire. The answer is no. For 2 main reasons. The first is the drop in value of the product is too rapid (regardless of the demand.) As soon as you drive it out of the garage you know that this has lost around 20% of its value. And it loses another 15% a year thereafter (generally speaking.) This means that in less than 3 years you are losing half your investment.

Saying the average Aston puts you back £100k brand new. Then in 3 years time you will have had to create exactly £50k to just break even. That’s about £17k a year. At an average of £400 a day. This means the car MUST be out by another individual at least 43 days in a year. Which is simply too high a number. But this is also why the individual I spoke to was looking for longer term rentals.

If you flip the short term model on its head and look for people to have the car for longer rentals. Say 3-12 months for example. You only need 1 “sale” a year to break even. That’s a stronger business model in my honest opinion.

I could get used to the view though!

Aston Martins